Last night I dreamt of some random event that made me so emotional when I woke up.

I don’t know if you believe what your dreams show you or if you think it is just some random thoughts that come into mind. To me, I am a total dream believer. I believe our dreams display what our inner heart really desires. Sometimes, dreaming gives me the inspiration to do something that I don’t usually do, such as writing poems, etc.

I remember how my mom used to tell me that, when you dream of someone who’s already dead, it is because their spirits came back to find you. Not to creep you out in anyway. Writing this actually makes me have Goosebumps all over. Also, if you dream of someone who’s not dead, you are actually missing that someone. Yes, I somehow have a lot of faith in the accuracy of this saying.

Coming back to what I dreamt about yesterday, trust me it is something weird. It is about me finally being able to get together with Lindsey, the girl I really like. We did what normal couples would do, such as cuddling up, holding hands, me kissing her forehead, basically things that are sweet. Nothing obscene. THIS IS NOT A WET DREAM.

Then suddenly I had this gut feeling that our room, we were in an apartment, was being spied on. Somehow we started running and at some point, we got separated. That is when I realized those people were after me and not her. There were four of them, random people. When I got caught, they started explaining to me why they were there to get me. All of them shared the same reason, saying that I was to be blamed for the death of someone dearest to them.

I was imprisoned at some random place. What made me so emotional was when I started scribbling Lindsey’s name on this piece of paper and I cried and cried and cried and cried for how I couldn’t see her again and how dearly I missed her. That sorrow felt so real, knowing that I was lying on bed all tired and half asleep (that sadness woke me up), I fear that tears would start rolling down the side of my cheek. It felt as though my heart had been punctured and it is now tearing in blood.

I am bad at explaining things but it is just plain sad. So sad that after I woke up, I feel sad thinking about it.

I am sorry if I think about you too much. I am sorry if I come off as annoying to you. I am sorry if you don’t want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to you. I am sorry if I seem desperate to reconnect with you. I am sorry if I am constantly bothering you. I am sorry if I there is anything that I have done wrong to hurt you. I am sorry because it is just me missing you TOO MUCH.

But, because I am trying hard not to show it, it is starting to hurt me slowly inside … Cry out loud…

Chicago, Two!

Finally, the long awaited post has arrived…

If the first post didn’t ace in hinting you how much fun we were having or how beautiful the city was, here’s more!!!

So basically we spent our first night in Travelodge planning out our trip for tomorrow before hitting the sack. We soon found ourselves reluctantly crawling out of bed as the 10.30 morning sunshine shone on our big lazy asses. It’s the start of the day and we were already behind the schedule. What a shame! We grabbed some snacks and headed out of the hotel into the morning bustling city of Chicago…

Gazing at the beautiful city, with skyscrapers and buildings lining up so neatly along the side streets, we were so fascinated and spell bounded. Comparing Chicago with KL, KL is nothing but a disgrace to Malaysia.

Right in the middle of the city, we came upon this huge LED structure that projects different images at varied intervals.

There were also statues, Well-Maintained statues I should stress, which you couldn’t find in KL. We were happily mimicking those statues for the camera.

Antics. We continued walking into the heart of the city, passing by Millennium Park, we came across the famous Chicago Bean! It was a Tuesday morning when we found that lonely Bean. We went around and under, taking pictures of the Bean and our reflections at the same time, as if vain pots, but we were having loads of fun.  

We took the subway to the Shedd Aquarium. And what have we found there, more sceneries!

We came upon many strange looking creatures in the Shedd Aquarium. Come to think of it, I took quite a lot of animal pictures when I have such limited batteries in my hand. I decided to leave my charger back home because I thought those batteries would last for 4 days, which they decided to die on me when it’s only the second day. Silly, I know. Thankfully, I had my 8mp N86 phone, which could actually take some awesome pictures. I am DELIGHTED!

It’s time for some history! So we went to the museum shortly after our tour around the Shedd Aquarium. There wasn’t much to see in the museum besides those ancient treasures and statues, hence, not many pictures were being taken. To be frank, this museum looked almost similar to the museum featured in Night in the Museum.

This day was really hectic. Right after that brief and dull museum tour, we went to the Adler Planetarium. The Reason: these 3 tourist spots were within walking distance, so might as well visit all of them at once, save us a trip. We were so jaded that we slept through the complimentary show. All the facts about the universe and the outer space were just plain boring that none of us could bear to stay awake and take in all of it.

The best part of the day was the bird view from Sears Tower, the tallest building in Chicago. We were there just in time to witness the whole Chicago city fell into darkness.

Dinner time came and we were a bunch of hungry wolves. We decided to pamper ourselves with the famous Giordano cheesy pizza. We had a hard time finding the restaurant though. It took us a few walks up and down the same street, some circles we took around the same block. Then as if those weren’t enough to test our patience and our ability to withstand hunger, the restaurant was still no where in sight. It wasn’t time to give up yet. So we tried asking a few pedestrians,  who some gave us really ridiculous directions. Called some of our friends who have been to Chicago to confirm the whereabouts of the restaurant. It took us more than half an hour before one of us finally spotted the restaurant. It was as if we were entering the gates of Heaven when the waiter gestured us in. We took our order shortly after we were being seated, and waited for 45 minutes before our pizza arrived at our table. Those pizzas were so stuffed and cheesy that two pieces of them were enough to make your stomach blow. That meal was nothing but orgasmic. 

And that was our second day in Chicago. It was really exhausting but full of fun!

Till Then,